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rumi akter
May 25, 2022
In General Discussions
When Cabau Lifestyle was launched, one thing was certain Industry Email List a personal chatbot had to ensure that customers could expect an answer 24/7. Scalability was one of the most important aspects in this; the chatbot had to Industry Email List be able to grow with the company. Chatbot Cabau now successfully handles more than 85% of all customer questions. Tommy, digital marketer, will take you through this success story and tell you how they achieved it. Start from scratch Building the chatbot Industry Email List was the first job Tommy took on for Cabau Lifestyle. Cabau Lifestyle was launched on the website at the same time as a chatbot, which immediately presented a number of challenges. Tommy You don't know in advance how Industry Email List many questions will be asked, how many people are needed for customer service, et cetera. We started without a baseline and we had no specific goals for building the Industry Email List chatbot. Yet we wanted to start right away: the ideal of a chatbot is that you can automatically handle many simple questions (which can also be found on the website) via the chatbot. Even when Industry Email List these are thousands of questions at once. In our case, these are questions about the products, the instructions for use, the points of sale, the delivery or returns. To work! First of all, Tommy started working Industry Email List with the Watermelon Academy. “The platform is very easy to use. Some of the information that had to come back in the conversations had already been worked Industry Email List out, so I immediately started building the chatbot after the course. A number of times I contacted the Onboarding Specialist , with whom I optimized the chatbot. The chatbot Industry Email List was built in less than eight days.” Handy features of Watermelon To learn more about the different types of questions that come in, the 'tags' are used. In this way, the various topics that the questions are about are segmented.
 Certain Demographic Industry Email List content media
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