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Rumi Akter
Apr 21, 2022
In General Discussions
Replacement of the contractor It may happen B2C Telemarketing List that the contractor is ill, or that there are other circumstances that prevent the contractor from performing the assignment. In that case, the contractor may wish to be B2C Telemarketing List replaced by a third party. The client can object to this. Before such a situation occurs, it is therefore wise to agree whether the contractor may be replaced. Also agree B2C Telemarketing List whether this requires permission from the client and in which cases the client may refuse the replacement. 3. Liability Liability is a recurring point of attention in every agreement. As a client and contractor, you naturally want B2C Telemarketing List to run as little risk as possible. Therefore, make clear agreements in advance about who bears certain risks and limit the claims to a certain amount. Make B2C Telemarketing List sure everyone has good liability insurance. That way you won't be faced with surprises. sign agreement 4. Employee and non-competition clause How annoying would it be if the person you have B2C Telemarketing List engaged runs off with your relations or employees? Or when your contractor starts working for a competitor and perhaps uses your strategies and information for that? To prevent this, you can include a clause B2C Telemarketing List stating that this is not allowed. Such clauses are not always valid. The clause must be sufficiently specific and not unreasonably onerous. This is also an important point for the contractor. Always check whether no exclusivity has been agreed, which B2C Telemarketing List would prevent you from working for other clients. Also read: Copyright: when can you use an image? [infographic] 5. Intellectual Property Rights The contractor carries B2C Telemarketing List out certain activities on behalf of the client. The contractor writes a blog, takes photos, makes a design, devises software or manufactures other things in which his or her creativity, knowledge and qualities play a major role.