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Feb 22, 2022
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Amazon Studios has plans to improve the end-game of its MMO, New World. A series of gold duplication glitches and related exploits have led to a lot of trouble in New World throughout 2021. The developers eventually resorted to disabling server transfers and wealth trading in an attempt to clamp down on the issue. Unfortunately, this decision appears to have led to a lot of frustration in the game's player base. Expedition Mutators increase the challenge of Expeditions with even bigger rewards for players. Expedition Mutators modify the “Normal” and “Named” enemies, increasing the complexity and unpredictability of enemy encounters. New bespoke gear and resources can be found, providing players with more opportunities to increase their power level. Unique combinations of Expeditions and Mutations will rotate each week, and players will battle their way up a ladder of difficulty. Beyond that, there's also further information on what's coming later this month, as well as new features including umbral shards - "a mysterious, powerful resource that enables you to take an item with a Gear Score of 600 all the way up to a Gear Score of 625" - as well as tweaks to combat, fast travel costs, and a 50 per cent increase in the cost of summoning Brutes. New World is available now on PC. Are you a passionate New World Coins player? We provide a platform where you can transfer your success to real money by selling New World Coins where you can make some extra income by playing your favorite games, isn’t that great? And if your dedication is over the roof you can even make a living through New World Coins.
New World has launched a new update for endgame content content media
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